Steven and Kim,
Thank you for your kind email. This is just amazing. My fiancee' came across a show on our local WQED channel 'Nature'. Knowing my love of penguins...she recorded it for me. "Penquin Post Office" A look at a colony of 3000 Gentoo penguins that gathers each November near the Port Lockroy post office on the Antarctic Peninsula. The birds find mates, build nests, raise their young and become a tourist attraction for cruise ship passengers. 
She had even got a one-on-one encounter with a penguin for my birthday last year at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Was the BEST birthday present EVER!!! You may or may not know that the Pittsburgh hockey team is the Penguins. 
Well, the pebble story just grabbed me like like a Polar Bear (her fav) hug. I had to have I googled 'Penguin Post Office' and found you! I will visit FB and post, but after I give her the pebble. Want it to be a surprise. She's quite the FB fan and I'll get busted.
I hope you can accommodate my request for black. Pretty important to me.

Thanks again,
-Jim &Kathy

"My boyfriend just gave me a perfect penguin pebble for our one year anniversary. I was in tears when I read the story and saw the certificate. The pebble was perfect!"

- Happy couple Marisa and Alex

Dear Steven and Kim,

Thank you again, so much for your speedy responses and outstanding customer service! We did receive the package, and we absolutely love the pebble and the complete gift .

I watched an animated movie about penguins and wanted to know if the pebble was a fact or a fiction so I asked Google and found your website. I'ts fact! Happy New Year to you both!

Thank you Steven for providing a service I had no idea existed but am ecstatic that it does. I Google searched the pebble/penguin story in part because my girlfriend and I absolutely love penguins and I was curious as to how much truth was in the stories I had heard. After reading the penguins stories I just on a hunch looked to see (again through Google search) if something like what you do was even a thing. It is so awesome that you guys provide this romantic gesture and I will be glad to like your page- after the gift arrives of course since it is a surprise and she has no idea this even exists.


Thank you so much!!!! I am above and beyond satisfied. Love everything about this wonderful idea. Even the hand written note on the business card shows the amount of personalized respect and commitment your company strives for. Too few and far between show this. Will show everyone and tell everyone I can. Thank you so much. My soon to be wife I know will love this.

Highly impressed and grateful, 
Steven Edgar

I found your site on Facebook. I've always thought the penguin pebble thing was so cute. I was actually in the beach trying to find pebbles but couldn't find any decent one's. so I searched it on Google and it brought me to your site. thanks so much for creating this. 

Hi Penguin Pebble Peeps,
I just wanted to let you know that my wife LOVED it!
She was massively confused when I just gave her a 'pebble'.....but then read everything else.
I also showed her a NatGeo video, and then a Zales commercial came on so it was ALL just perfect.
Thank You so much...again!


Perfect Penguin Pebbles

My girlfriend is a huge lover of everything penguin! I was trying to think of the perfect gift to give her that was romantic, unique, and that she would never receive from anyone else! When we first met i found this site after i found out she loved penguins and spent nearly a year deciding the perfect time to give it to her! This was our first Valentines Day together that either one of us has had anyone to spend it with! And this gift was the most perfect gift I could have ever given her! She loved it and it made for a Valentines Day that we will never forget! What you all do is very special and is such a great idea! I don't think you need to improve on anything because its a perfect gift to give that special someone! Thank you for sharing this gift with the world! 

- Steven Y.